More than just (Mexican) scarves

We are Chilpa.

Chilpa was born in 2013 in London, with Mexican roots. At Chilpa we believe in quality design made by people who get a fair price for their work.

We fell in love with rebozos because they combine centuries’ old techniques with contemporary design. We hope you will too! Chilpa’s rebozos are 100% cotton, handmade and exported from Tenancingo, a town 90km outside of Mexico City and one of the last places where rebozos are still made by hand.

We work with 4 local artisans, Socorro, Luis, Adolfo and Maria Luz, who in turn work with up to 10 people to produce each rebozo. Making a rebozo can take 10 artisans up to 30 days to make. Because the process is so complex, and several artisans work on one rebozo, no two are the same, meaning that yours is made just for you!

Finally, at Chilpa we believe in giving back to the community, empowering the artisans and providing sustainable employment. So we’ve set up a fund where we donate 2% of all our profits, in order to teach this craft to younger generations.

This is our blog, if you want to buy our products, visit our Shop and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or contact us below:


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