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The design embodies a beautiful traditional aztec print that makes a wonderful addition to any fashion ensemble. Need to make a statement? Wear a Rebozo. Angela Ricardo, fashion blogger


We all know that in our fast-paced society, where trends change constantly and shops refill their stock sometimes as often as every two weeks, we all need to consider in what way the products are made. By purchasing scarves through Chilpa, you are helping to provide sustainable employment for the artisans they work with.  Rebecca Sundavall, Trendeneur


Press Release

March 2014



Ethical fashion label from Mexico arrives in South East London, bringin authentic handmade scarves (called rebozos) to the UK.

Rebozos by Chilpa are more than (just) Mexican scarves. For centuries, rebozos have been handwoven with skill and love in the town of Tenancingo, one of the last few places where rebozos are still made, by hand and with 100% cotton.

Chilpa started trading in November 2013, selling for the first time in the UK authentic rebozos from their base in South East London. Every rebozo we sell is made in the traditional method on a foot treadle loom, using organic dyes and cotton of the best quality, often in small home-based workshops. Although time consuming, this method is eco-friendly and has a minimal environmental impact. It also means that each scarf is unique – no two rebozos are ever the same. Traditionally, men work on the cloth (the body) while women tie the fringes and choose the pattern, thus adding to their individual artistic quality.

At Chilpa we are passionate about empowering the artisans we work with. Our mission is to play a small role in preserving these traditions for future generations by trading directly with the artisans, paying a fair price and donating 2% of all our profits back to the community.

Rebozos are not just scarves, they are factory-free, non-mass produced works of art. We understand rebo- zos are not for everyone, but for the eco-conscious fashion consumer who cares how their clothes are made. Chilpa believes in offering quality design made by people who get a fair price with their work, recognising that we have a small part to play, one rebozo at a time.

For press samples and all press enquiries:
Contact: Maru Rojas, Founder


Twitter: @WeAreChilpa

Facebook, Etsy and Not on the High Street: WeAreChilpa

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