Introducing Luis

Luis Rodriguez Martinez is another one of the artisans we work with at Chilpa.

He is the third generation in his family to make rebozos, starting with his great-uncle who taught his father. Luis’ father in turn taught his brothers and later Luis. Today only Luis and his cousin still make rebozos.

He currently takes part in every single step of the process, but his aim is to one day take the role of manager and designer, leading a group of specialised artisans. He currently has 12 looms in his workshop and up to 150 women work with Luis on and off making the “puntas” (the tied ends of the rebozos). He is one of very few artisans to have his own shop, you can see some photos above.

He is very active in the promotion of the reboceros (artisans) and in 1995 he founded the Association of Reboceros, which he led until 2004. His rebozos have won prizes in Mexico and abroad and he has given talks and conferences about this process in Guatemala, India and Madrid.

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